An Insider Threat Model for Prevention of Insider Cyber Crimes in the Organization


  • Dr. Jigar Patel Kalol Institute of Management(MCA), Kalol
  • Dr. Ashok Patel Department of Computer Science,H.N.G. University, Patan


Cyber Crime, Cyber Laws, Digital Forensic, Insiders Threat Model


Sometimes the threat of insiders is more serious than the outside criminals because of
insider are using organization resources with higher privileges. Inside employee of the organization
has sole duty to use the organization data in secure way, but when they start to commit the crimes, it’s
resulted into huge financial losses to the organization. The organization has to create strong
information infrastructure to avoid threats of insiders. This paper is describing the model for how one
can reduce the insider threats by security, policies, detection, prosecution and punishment. Paper also
discusses few case studies of such insider attack because it is helpful to enhance our security policies
to avoid the insider attack in future. The Cyber laws and punishment of inside criminals is also
important and not only that the amendment of Cyber laws is most needed exercise for the
governments and law makers as technology and nature of Cyber crime changes time by time.



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