Investigation on performance of solar still with screens


  • Sudhanshu N Prajapati ME Student, Mechanical Engg Dept. SPIT, Piludara
  • Hitesh N Panchal Mechanical Engg Dept. GPERI, Mevad, Mehsana
  • Vishal N Thakkar Mechanical Engg Dept.SPIT, Piludara


solar stills shallow basin, screens (Aluminium & galvanised), temperature controller, thermocouples, discharge ouput.


Distillate output of solar still is low because its difference between water and glass cover
temperature is low. In solar still temperature difference of water and glass cover increased, automatically
distillate output is increased. Thermal conductivity is heat conducted per unit time per unit cross sectional area
perpendicular to direction of heat conduction. It is also a good parameter for increasing temperature.
Temperature of water is increase by inserting various screens and glass cover temperature is decreased by
sprinkler attachment at top of the solar still. Aluminum screens and GI screens are easily available in market
and it is also very cheap hence it can be used for increasing distillate output.



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