An Evaluation of Faculty Performance in Teaching Using Fuzzy Modeling Approach


  • Bhavika Tailor ASH Department, C.G.Patel Institute of Technology
  • Rasik Shah ASH Department, S.N. Patel Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Jayesh Dhodiya Department of Mathematics, S.V.N.I.T, Surat
  • Dr. Dilip Joshi Department of Mathematics, V.N.S.G.U, Surat


Fuzzy set, Fuzzy performance sheet, Linguistic term, feedback analysis, faculty‟s teaching evaluation.


Evaluation of faculty quality is one of the basic implement to point out the good and bad parts of
educational method. Thus, performance of a faculty is fundamental both for students and institution, and must be
considered and evaluated for positive back up to faculty. Traditional methods of faculty performance are tests,
quizzes, feedbacks, research projects. But the results are estimated. So in this paper we present fuzzy
mathematical modeling to evaluate faculty performance. In this evaluation the degree of satisfaction is described
in advance by skilled person with respect to levels of performance. From this, the degree of satisfaction of
feedback question is calculated and the result is calculated based on all questions in feedback form. The final
results from the fuzzy approach are compared with the usual non-fuzzy approach and the proportional results are



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Bhavika Tailor, Rasik Shah, Dr. Jayesh Dhodiya, & Dr. Dilip Joshi. (2014). An Evaluation of Faculty Performance in Teaching Using Fuzzy Modeling Approach. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 1(3), 357–362. Retrieved from