Survey Of Line Clipping Algorithm In Computer Graphics


  • Pamal Parekh IT Department, BVM Eng. College
  • Vatsal Shah Assistant Professor, BVM Eng. College
  • Jayna Donga Assistant Professor, MBICT College


Line clipping, Outcode, Algorithm, Intersection test, clipping window.


Line clipping algorithm is represents of clipping line segment in rectangular
window. There are basically three algorithm namely cohen-sutherland line clipping
algorithm, Liang-Barskey Line Clipping and Nicholl-Lee-Nicholl Line Clipping



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Pamal Parekh, Vatsal Shah, & Jayna Donga. (2014). Survey Of Line Clipping Algorithm In Computer Graphics. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 1(4), 53–56. Retrieved from

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