Smart Grid and its Development Prospects In the Asia-Pacific Region


  • Jaypalsinh y champavat Assistant Professor, EE Department, DJMIT Mogar, India


Smart Grid, energy consumption, Cyber security.


the purpose of this paper is to explain the
importance of Smart Grid Deployment in Asia-Pacific region.
The paper throws the light on various problems and challenges
related to electricity grids that are faced in Asia-Pacific region
and the solution to manage those problems by adopting the vision
of a ―Smart Grid.‖ The smart grid holds promise of transforming
our current electricity delivery system into a more efficient and
secure system that is able to better integrate variable supply
resources while giving the end-user – the customer – greater
autonomy in his/her energy consumption. Without a doubt, many
of the technologies and management tools the smart grid may
depend on have lead regulators, policy-makers, customers,
companies, and stakeholders to consider many questions – what
it is, what its benefits are, what value it brings to society as a
whole as well as individual consumers, what its potential
challenges are, and what kind of mistakes can be avoided when
moving forward. The purpose of this literature review is to
explore these questions and more in a fair and balanced,
comprehensive overview of the smart Grid. The resources
contained in this review are primarily derived from the internet
and as such, many are available simply via the web links. For
organizational purposes, the sources have been divided into five
sections respectively: (1) The Basics; (2) Supply Resources; (3)
Transmission & Distribution Technologies; (4) End-Use
Technologies & Rates; (5) Cyber security.



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