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Energy Technology is an applied science
dealing with various alternative energy
routes comprising the exploration and
extraction of primary raw energy,
conversions to intermediate/secondary forms
of energy and by-products, transportation
alternatives, storage, distribution and supply
of secondary forms of energy.
In India, and many other developing
Nations, the gap between the demand and
supply of secondary energy is increasing
resulting in perpetual energy crises. Besides
many methods of power generation like
thermal, nuclear, diesel etc. one of the high
efficient and unique methods with pollution
free environment is Magneto Hydro
Dynamic (MHD) type power generation. It
is a way of generating electricity by
conversion of heat into electrical energy,
without the need of any moving mechanical
parts- no turbines and no rotary generators.
Therefore due to the elimination of link
process of producing mechanical energy and
then converting it to electrical energy, the
fuel economy can be achieved. Basically the
efficiency of non-conventional power plant
like solar, wind, tidal are around of 35-40%,
whereas of MHD power plant is about 50-
60% which can be raised up to 75-80% by
using super conducting magnets. Hence
using MHD power generation technique the
crises of energy can be reduced up to certain



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