Recent Era and Development of Multi-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna


  • Tejas Chavda -
  • Sweety Joshi -
  • Dr. Jagdish Rathod -


Dual-Band, Gain, Microstrip Antenna, Multi-Band, Multi-Element, Review Article, Review Paper


Microstrip patch antenna is being studied by the researchers since last three to four decades as one of the standa rd planar antenna. Still, it has much room for further improvements. This paper represents methods to achieve the multi-band microstrip patch antenna
using single or multi-element via stack or array & comparison of them. Methods will describes to obtain desired requirements such as wideband, high gain and miniaturization. This are the areas in which further research work can be done to enhance the experience of the wireless communication. For better understanding some recently developed antenna designs are described & compared here.



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