A Review of Power System State Estimation by Weighted Least Square Technique


  • C.Vaishnavi PG Student,Power System,GCET, V.V.Nagar
  • Prof. I.A. Sheikh Assistant professor,GCET, V.V.Nagar




The control centers of utilities receive
abundant raw measurements from power system
networks. The measurements may be destroyed or
lost while being transmitted to the control centers
due to defects in sensors or loss of communication
during a natural disaster. In such cases the raw
data has to be processed before being used for
analysis by various Energy Management System
(EMS) applications. State estimation is a computer
program that helps to process the raw
measurements and determine the power system
states from them. Vector consisting of bus voltage
magnitudes and their respective bus phase angles
are states of an electric power system. In recent
years, a wide range of state estimation methods has
emerged, and this paper provides an overview of
the commonly used state estimation method. It
outlines Weighted Least Square Technique and the
steps involved in the estimation.



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