Investigating effect of Black Pulp Liquor on the Properties of Concrete


  • Jignesh Patel -
  • Ekta Kotadiya -
  • Mithilesh Pandya -


Black Pulp Liquor, Plasticizer, Marsh Cone Test, Optimum Dosage, Steel Slag, Workability, Compressive strength , Split Tensile Strength


n the present scenario all over the world, there is trend to investigate the utilization of industrial byproducts in the concrete. In
the present study attempt has been made to investigate utilization of Black Pulp Liquor, by product of paper and pulp industry, as plasticizer
to reduce the cost of waste disposal and make positive environmental impact. By using Marsh Cone Test, optimum dosage of admixture of
cement for the considered w/c ratio has been determined. In the experimental w ork, different six concrete mixes has been studied with
partial replacement of natural coarse aggregate by steel slag by 0%, 30% and 50%. Also black pulp liquor as admixture has been used to
improve the workability concrete upto its optimum dosage. In the experimental study slump test, compacting factor test and compressive
strength test, split strength test were performed to determine the fresh properties of concrete and the hardened properties of concrete at 7
day and 28 day respecctively.



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