A Review Paper on Biomass Fluidized Bed Gasifier


  • Vishank Vasava Assistant professor, Mechanical Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
  • Harsh Patel UG Student, Mechanical Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  • Pragnesh Suthar -
  • Raghuvir Tantod -
  • Parth Vora -


Biomass, Gasifier, Gasification, Biofuels, Bubbling fluidized bed, Process modeling, Gas yield, Carbon conversion, Rice Husk.


In this study experiments were performed on a pilot scale bubbling fluidized bed Gasifier with rice husk as a
fuel and air as a fluidizing agent. With the increasing demand of fuel and limited amount of conventional fuel we have to
go toward the direction of renewable energy source. Conventional fuel also cause lots of pollution which creates lots of
problems like global warming .we try to use renewable energy source to produce combustible gases. Conventional fuels
are also costly so we also consider cost of fuel in our project. It also does not affect the climate changes. There are
number of technologies which are used for biomass conversion, from that gasification is the best for biomass conversion.
Biomass gasification is good technology because it will produce quite clean gas and trouble free operation of Gasifier.
Experimentation is carried out to calculate the efficiency of Gasifier, to analyses the produced gas and temperature
analyses using different biomass fuel like saw dust, bagasse and rise husk.



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Vishank Vasava, Harsh Patel, Pragnesh Suthar, Raghuvir Tantod, & Parth Vora. (2022). A Review Paper on Biomass Fluidized Bed Gasifier. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 4(13), -. Retrieved from https://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/6040