A Computer-Aided System for Life Cycle Assessment of a Pressure Die-Casting Process


  • Manmohan Singh ME Department,CEC, Landran,Mohali
  • Ramandeep Singh ME Department,GZS,PTU Campus,Bathinda
  • Jagjeet Singh ME Department,CEC, Landran,Mohali


Casting; pressure die-casting; sustainable manufacturing; sustainability indicator; Life cycle assessment.


Pressure die-casting parts are widely used in various assemblies so the die-casting products are in huge
demand. To meet the increasing demand and increasing manufacturing cost industries are focusing on sustainable
manufacturing. Life cycle assessment tools are used by the industries to quantify sustainability of a process. In the present
study, a computer aided system to analyze the sustainability of pressure die-casting process is developed. The proposed
system can determine indicators like energy use, solid waste, cost, and other miscellaneous consumption like flux, die-coat
lubricant for pressure die-casting process. It determines the sustainability indicators on the basis of the selection of metal,
metal alloy and sub-process. This system has user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).That has been developed to
prompt user to select the various choices in the system and enter data for the process plan.The two case studies are presented
to verify the computer aided system process analyzer by comparing the system data with actual measured data in industry



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