An Implementation of Vacant Parking Space Detection System


  • Pavan Kulkarni -
  • Dattatraya Basutkar -
  • Akash Deekonda -
  • Omkar Pise -
  • Snehal Gunjite -


Image processing, space detection, intelligent parking


Now a days, finding a vacant parking space in urban areas is very time-consuming. Previous vacant parking space
detection systems are very high expensive due to hardware requirement for each parking lot (like sensors). In this paper we
propose low cost video-based parking space detection system. The aim of this paper is to present an intelligent system for
parking lot detection based on image processing. The system captures the images and processes and produces the
information of an empty vehicle parking spaces. This system operates day and night. There are many challenges during day
and night time like lighting conditions, shadow effects, inter- object occlusion etc.



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Pavan Kulkarni, Dattatraya Basutkar, Akash Deekonda, Omkar Pise, & Snehal Gunjite. (2015). An Implementation of Vacant Parking Space Detection System. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(4), 214–219. Retrieved from