Fabrication, Advancement And Emission Analysis of Pre-Filter and its Effect on Catalytic Converter


  • P.M.Sangadiya P.G. Student, Mechanical Engineering Dept, M.I.T., Mehsana, India
  • M.V.Mohite Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept, M.I.T.S, Mehsana, India


Pollution; Two wheeler automobile; Pre-pollution; Catalytic converter; Carbon absorbing device


Nowadays, one of the greatest challenges faced by the mankind is the increasing pollution at an alarming rate. It is
causing an environmental imbalance, increase the green house effect & impact on health of human being. Environmental
imbalance created by automobile due to tailpipe exhaust emission which mainly depends on changes in d riving conditions
engine performance, composition of fuel & air fuel ratio. As there are large number of two wheeler automobile hence they
contribute more in automobile environment pollution. There are two methods for controlling pollution which are prepollution control & post pollution control methods. This study is based on the pre-pollution control method in four stroke
two-wheeler. In Present work, modified OEM design attaching carbon absorbing device because some leaded fuel decreases
the efficiency of catalytic converter & thus increases rate of pollution. To increase the retention period of exhaust gas in
catalytic converter providing more time for its oxidation and also to reduce harmful effect of lead fuel on catalytic converter.
To provide a pre-filter device to increases good effect of catalytic converter. The proposed method is very effective in the
prevention of environmental pollution contributed from two wheeler automobiles and open a gate way to study the change in
concentration of exhaust emission due to carbon absorbing device with three-way catalytic converter.



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P.M.Sangadiya, & M.V.Mohite. (2015). Fabrication, Advancement And Emission Analysis of Pre-Filter and its Effect on Catalytic Converter. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(4), 332–341. Retrieved from https://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/639