Review Paper on Microstrip Patch Antenna using Metamaterials


  • Ravirajsinh A Raulji E&C Department, PIET
  • Bhrugesh B Tadvi E&C Department, PIET
  • Prof. Vandit P Anjaria E&C Department, PIET


Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSA); Metamaterials; SRR; LHM


—Microstrip antenna has many advantages, since the light weight, small size, low cost, but there are some
drawbacks, such as low-gain, narrow frequency bandwidth of these two important parameters. This review article
describes how to use metamaterials or how we can improve the gain bandwidth and increase the performance of the
patch antenna. Here, we first provide after-sales service, the introduction of microstrip patch antenna metamaterial
described microstrip patch antenna can be improved through the use of metamaterials and discusses the scope and
parameters of future applications of metamaterials.



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Ravirajsinh A Raulji, Bhrugesh B Tadvi, & Prof. Vandit P Anjaria. (2015). Review Paper on Microstrip Patch Antenna using Metamaterials. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(4), 362–365. Retrieved from