Optimization Of Frame Member Using Semi Rigid Connection


  • M. D. Satani P.G. Student, Civil Engineering Dept, D.I.E.T, Rajkot, India
  • K.C.Koradia Asst. Professor Civil Engineering Dept, D.I.E.T, Rajkot, India


Semi Rigid Connection; Prismatic Member; Non Prismatic Member; Effect Of Semi Rigidity


Civil structure should be economical, durable & stable. Economical structure is a main goal of structure engineer
in recent years. Out of many methods to generate economical structure one method is semi rigidity of connection. By the
concept of semi rigidity, cost optimization can be achieved by transferring desire moment from beam to column or vice -versa.
In this concept cost of connections, beam & column is variable factor & function of semi rigidity. By trial & error method
element optimization can be achieve. The variation of moment, shear force, axial force, displacement and stress is
investigated in a selected axis of the structures. This study reveals that the effect of semi-rigid connections on structural
systems shows different variations from structure to structure. Connection stiffness depends on semi rigidity, material and
shape of section. In this report behavior of moment considering semi rigidity and variable moment of inertia (tapered)
section is considered.



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