Fundamental Analysis for Underwater Wireless Visible Light Communication


  • Hemal Patel P.G. Student, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, G.T.U – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


UWOC (Underwater Optical Communication), Phytoplankton, OOK (On-Off Keying), BER vs. SNR analysis. Acoustic Communicatio


The 71% surface of Earth is covered with water in one form or another, but till date this area is less
elaborated as compared to free space wireless communication in deep space and in air. The underwater communication
is always been subject to improvement and advancements as the medium is subject to changes that is directly
proportional to the natural habitats and Eco system. Due to advance in technology in past decades the underwater
communication has received the prime importance and dedications, the result of which the Acoustical communication
which is communication technology using the sound as media has reached to the peak position, but it is not the supreme
technology though the RF and majority of Electromagnetic spectrum absorbs by water. On the other hand the visible
light communication has opened the door for the fast, mobile, flexible and application dependent short range
communication. The present thesis describes the overall effect of underwater time varied parameters on the beam of light
transmitted from transmitter to receiver there by enabling the readers and researchers to summarizes the practical
communication underwater using free space visible light. Further the recent advance in modulating scheme like CSK and
variable OOK with dimming control, have influence this entitled thesis to implement the mathematical model for the
inhibiting such technique at a specific frequency of interest that is subject to least attenuation while propagating
underwater, thereby providing long range , speed and flicker free and Inter symbol interference free communication. The
thesis is summarized and concluded by the simulating various channel parameters and hardware effect on the overall
power received



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