Fast Tracked Concept Based on DSM Model


  • Shrenik G Sohaliya Student, M.E. Infrastructure Engineering,LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar-382015, Gujarat, India
  • Mr.Vikas D Bhavsar Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, LDRP Institute of Technology and Research, Gandhinagar-382015, Gujarat, India.


Delay, Fast tracking, Dependency structure matrix, Activity, Project


The purpose of Fast track project management technique is done to reduce the project time by overlapping the
project design and construction phases and thereby by making maximum possible activities run parallel to each other so
as to reduce the time. The main aim is to study of fast tracking process of a real estate project. And to evolve fast
tracking model based on dependency structure matrix. As engineering activities are interdependent and sequenced based
on information flows, modeling information exchange for these activities is impossible with CPM or PERT. Researcher
have investigated the dependency structure matrix as a tool to identify and manage information exchange between
activities. In the Ahmedabad city, most of the mega infrastructure project are delay due to some technical or financial
reason. So that, there are major losses in time and project cannot complete within its time period. For these project, time
is real money. So, fast tracking is one of the appropriate options to take project on its proper track. Thus, DSM is very
important model to fast track project at any panic Situation. It has also used prediction model to calculate rework of
days for succeeding activity.



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