Implementation of Intelligent Control on Interacting Tank system


  • Sanjaykumar Pracheta Student,Instrumentation & Control Department,AITS, Rajkot, India
  • Kuldip Tarpara Assistant Professor, Instrumentation & Control Department,AITS, Rajkot, India


Interacting Tank, PID, Fuzzy logic control, Level Control


Industries where liquid level and flow control are essential. Liquids will be processed by chemical or mixing
treatment in the tanks, but always the level of fluid in the tanks must be controlled and the flow between tanks must be
regulated. Conventional PID control is used for controlling. Industry consists of interacting as well as non-interacting
tank system. In interacting tank, flow between the tanks is affected by level of liquid in both the tanks. This interaction o f
parameter in tank system makes control of system complicated .In this paper we take an interacting tank system in
consideration for study. Mathematical modeling of the system is obtained by mass balance equation and flow resistance
is also calculated depending on the difference of liquid level. After the open loop transfer function is found various
control scheme are deployed to control the level of tank2 like PID and Fuzzy logic control (FLC). Paper present
simulation and implementation of FLC. Further comparison between various control schemes is done according to their



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