Tree-based Data Hiding Technique Using Genetic Algorithm


  • Sharon Sunny Dept. of CSE, AmalJyothi College f Engineering


steganography, genetic algorithm, tree-based steganography, majority vote parity check, toggling


An important concern in 'covered writing' or steganography is to reduce the distortion of cove r image
caused by embedding secret message. At the same time, it should preserve the integrity of data. A simple and efficient
technique that can be adopted for achieving this goal is tree based parity check(TBPC) method. An advancement of this
scheme is majority-vote parity check(MPC). In this paper, I propose a refinement of MPC method. Instead of simply
embedding the secret text in cover image, after dividing the message and cover image into equal number of blocks, we
will see which block of message can be best mapped to which block of cover image. Stego image can be obtained by
combining the stego blocks



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