Optimization Technique To EstimateMaximum Power Point for Photovoltaic System


  • Ankita Mardhekar PG Student,Electrical Engineering, Sarvajanik College of Engineering &Technology, Surat.


Photovoltaic system (PV), Optimization Technique, Genetic Algorithm (GA)


—The solar energy is the most important renewable energy source as it is clean, easily available energy
source.To get maximum benefit of solar energy, the solar cells are developed and to operate these solar cells on their
maximum efficiency, the solar parameters need to be determined and also to find the operating point of power which is
called maximum power point. Here the five solar parameters are extracted using optimization technique called genetic
algorithm and then maximum power point is obtained. The Photovoltaic system is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink based
on the mathematical equation of the solar cell and the MATLAB coding is developed for extracting five parameters of
solar cell and for maximum power point.



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