QoS Analysis of VOIP Traffic over WiMAX


  • Saira Banu Department of Computer Science & Engineering, B.S.Abdur Rahman University
  • K.M.Mehata Department of Computer Science & Engineering, B.S.Abdur Rahman University


VOIP, WiMAX, Throughput, UGS, MCS


- The Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows the voice information and the video traffic to pass
over the IP network using the existing infrastructure. WiMAX (Worldwide interoperability for micro wave access
technology) is a technology based on IEEE 802.16 standard, which provides broadband service for fixed and mobile users
over long distances at high speed. Modulation and coding is one of the features of PHY layer which is used to load the data
in the uplink and downlink during transmission. The existing system selects the MCS based on the channel
quality.Modulation and coding scheme can also be selected based on the type of traffic used. This paper focuses on the
physical layer design aspect namely modulation and coding scheme(MCS) for the VOIP traffic over WiMAX. The
simulation is done for fixed WiMAX environment. Throughput and packet delay is taken as the main parameter for
evaluating the performance of WiMAX. This paper focuses on selecting appropriate Modulation and encoding scheme over
the WiMAX network for the voice and video application.



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