Power Quality:Problem,Source and solution


  • H. B. Jani Electrical Engineering Department,Dr.J.N.M.Government Polytechnic,Amreli
  • S.U.Dalwani Electrical Engineering Department,Government Polytechnic,Dahod


power quality, harmonics, voltage sag, UPS, SMPS, RMS value


Electrical power Industries have always been concerned about power quality. They see power quality as
anything that affects the voltage, current, and frequency of the power being supplied to the end user, or consumer of
electricity. They are intimately familiar with the power quality standards that have to be maintained. They deal with
power quality at all levels of the power system, from the generator to the ultimate consumer of electrical power.
Power quality problems occur when the alternating-voltage power source’s 50-Hz sine wave is distorted.
Today, highly sensitive computers and computer-controlled equipment require a power source of higher quality and
more reliability than standard, less sensitive electricity-consuming equipment of the past.
Given the nature of the electrical operating boundaries and the need for electrical equipment to perform
satisfactorily in such an environment, it is increasingly necessary for engineers, technicians, and facility operators to
become familiar with power quality issues. In this paper power quality problems, source of this problems and there
solution are discussed.



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