• Kishor D. Patil Electronics and Communication Department, Govt. College Of Engineering ,Jalgaon
  • S.M.Patil Electronics and Communication Department , Govt. College Of Engineering , Jalgaon


Iris recognition, RFID tag ,Canny operator, circular Hough transform,Daughman’srubbersheet model


Providing secured access to physical locations and to data is the primary concern in many personal, commercial,
government andmilitary organization. Classic solution to this includes carrying an identifying document and remembering a
password. But, classical Solutionhas problems like forgetting to carry the identifying document, forgetting the password, and
includes a high chance of forgery. The emergence of biometrics has helped to address these problems. Amongst all the forms
of biometrics, the iris has been preferred because every iris is unique to a degree that the probability of 2 irises being
identical is 1 in 1078
.So, we are using iris recognition to provide secure access.First, user have to registerhis iris image
using RFID tag& it is saved in database. When user wants access, he swap RFID tagand his current iris image taken by IR
camera is compared with iris image registered by same RFID tag& depending on that authentication is given.Instead of
comparing current iris image with all images in database ,one to one matching is done to improve the speed of
system.Here,Segmentation is done by using canny operator and circular Hough transform,Daughman’srubbersheet model is
used for normalization and features are extracted.Then,matching is performed on score basis.



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