A Proposed Multi-Model Biometrics Fusion Architecture for Authentication


  • Anil Kumar CSE, HCTM
  • Balraj Research Scholars, CSE,NIILM
  • Pankaj Kumar verma CSE, ASRA College of Engg., Sangrur


NN, SVM, Fingerprint, Face, CCR


Biometric is the good way to recognize and authenticate a person for his/her identification. Almost every
field is using this biometric technique, whether it is government or private sector. In present days it is good method for
enrollment and authenticates a person. Biometrics of a person can be based on physical features or behavior features of
a person. It’s totally depends on the choice of the person. For common applications the fingerprints method is a good
choice. But for more secure applications, Uni-biometric system is not sufficient. For more security multi-biometric may
be implemented. A framework needs to be developed for integrating multiple cues for making biometric system totally
foolproof. In the proposed work, i will work on Multi-model Fusion Architecture for Face and fingerprint authentication
and using NN. Later the Proposed technique will be compared with SVM to enhance the performance on the basis of



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