• Shah Alam Associate Professor Mechanical Engg section, J.M.I, New Delhi-25
  • Mohammad Shah Fahad Mechanical Engg section, J.M.I, New Delhi-2
  • Shahnawaz Ahmad Quadri Mechanical Engg section, J.M.I, New Delhi-2


Solar panel, On-board charger, Battery Array, Tractive effort, Traction motor


This report shows the design of a solar plug-in hybrid vehicle, a concept that could bring a change in modern
day’s vehicles while searching for a new and green technologies in fabrication of vehicles because of increased
consciousness in the people for green and clean environment. These vehicles are powered by sun energy, as well as by
employing conventional electrical energy charging system especially in cloudy days.
In this paper, our main goal is to determine the power required to drive the vehicle, so that we can select proper size
and capacity of solar panel and power storage systems. The factors like road friction, air resistance, gradient resistance and
acceleration resistance have been considered for the purpose of determining the required tractive effort. On the basis of these
parameters we have obtained that the total required tractive effort to propel the vehicle is 210.22 N and the required Torque
at the wheels is 73.57 N-m. To fulfill the requirement of vehicle power a motor of capacity 48V, 1500W is needed. Therefore
to provide the electric supply to the motor, we need 4 Batteries connected in series of 12V, 250AH capacity each. To powered
the vehicle we need 10 number of PV modules of 100Wp each. To modify the vehicle to work as a hybrid system, an on-board
charger is installed to charge the battery directly from electricity along with solar panels.



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Shah Alam, Mohammad Shah Fahad, & Shahnawaz Ahmad Quadri. (2015). DESIGN OF A SOLAR PLUG-IN HYBRID VEHICLE. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(7), 215–217. Retrieved from