Land Area Measurement System Design


  • Niket L Makwana Embedded System, G.H.Patel College of Engineering and Technology
  • Deepak Parashar Electronics $ CommunicationG.H.Patel College of Engineering and Technology


NMEA Sequence, Latitude, Longitude, GPS, UART, SPI,Land


In recent time measuring of land area is usually required in many disciplines like agricultural, construction
etc. Many conventional and modern techniques are used for that. Old or conventional methods are time consuming and
are not accurate, it contain potential error in measurement. New methods are somehow fast and accurate but most of
them are costly and some of them require internet. Thus there is a need of alternative method for land area measurement.
GPS (Global Position System) have potential for land area measurement. GPS is fast, accurate, easy to use and cost
effective solution than other existing solution. Main objective of this study work is to make such battery operated
handheld portable GPS device that can measure area of land with high accuracy, with less time, low cost and which can
easy to use. For measurement with high position accuracy proposed system use Fastrax UP501B GPS receiver module,
having position accuracy <1.8 meter.



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