2D Palmprint Recognition: A Survey


  • Ketan S Patel EC Department, BBIT, VVNAGAR
  • Kunal J Pithadiya EC Department, BBIT, VVNAGAR
  • Jayesh D Chauhan EC Department, BBIT, VVNAGAR


Palmprint, Biometric, Feature extraction, Classifier


In this paper we have used palm print recognition system as it is unique as compared to face recognition and rigid
as compare to fingerprint recognition system. Different recognition algorithms are consists of four processing parts 1
Preprocessing, 2 Region of interest, 3 Feature Extraction and 4 Classification. We have discussed different standard
databases which are used to validate recognition algorithm and also focused on various preprocessing techniques used by
many researchers. We have also looked upon various feature extraction techniques like PCA, LDA, ICA, 2DPCA, 2DDFT,
Wavelet, Gabor and classification techniques like Euclidean Distance, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine. In this
paper different combination of above three techniques are reviewed.



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Ketan S Patel, Kunal J Pithadiya, & Jayesh D Chauhan. (2015). 2D Palmprint Recognition: A Survey. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 2(7), 332–337. Retrieved from https://ijaerd.com/index.php/IJAERD/article/view/995