• Navaneeth B S M.Tech in PDM, East Point College of Engineering & Technology Bangalore-560049
  • A K Murty Associate Professor, East Point College of Engineering & Technology,Bangalore - 560049


Automatic feeding equipment, small and medium scale poultry


 The growing need for poultry products by consumers has urged the necessity for small and medium scale
poultry farmers to meet up the demand since they supply the bulk need of the market especially in the developing
countries. There exist the need to produce birds that will meet the market standards within the shortest time without
straining the farmer’s time, resources and energy. In this project work an effort made to develop a labor/time saving
automatically operated automatic feeder that will optimize feeding of birds. There exists many automated equipment’s to
feed birds in large scale poultries. But it is difficult or not possible to include large scale equipment’s in small medium
scale poultries. Normally small and medium scale poultries are run by farmers of rural areas. In small scale and medium
scale poultries birds are fed with the feeder which requires frequent refilling of food. This consumes more labor and time
increasing expenditure for farmers. With a view to facilitate easy and efficient feeding of food to chickens in small and
medium scale poultries, it was proposed to design and fabricate an automatically operated poultry feeder.



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